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Professor Francis Owino Rew is married to one loving wife and has been blessed with three children.

The family lives together in Kisumu Town and their rural home at Usenge, Yimbo West, Bondo District, Kenya.

Professor's Wife
Profs wife
Mrs. Angeline Atieno Owino
Short Profile
Angela Atieno Rew attended Nyabisawa and Ogande Secodary Schools before proceeding to Kagumo Teachers College for a Diploma in Education Arts. She has taught at Asumbi Girls, Obuolo and Kisumu Day Secondary Schools. She is currently on study leave for her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Moi University. Angela loves reading, works hard and has her eyes set on greater things that respectable may provide!

Professor, his wife and their three children, Verah, Caesar and Cindy

"I have played my part; please pray to God that you may play yours!"
Adopted from St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226).