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Professor Francis Rew Owino [B.Ed (UoN);M.Ed (KU);PhD (UWC)]

Maseno University Dept. of Linguistics, Languages & Literature P. O. Box 333, CODE:40105 MASENO KENYA. OR (Private)P.O.Box 9120, CODE: 40100 KISUMU KENYA OR (Home) P.O.Box 201 USENGE KENYA.

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To be guided by my God to be of help to every one in need of help and to warm up hearts of men and women

I have played my part; so pray to God that you do yours.

1.PERSONAL DETAILS: NAME: Owino, Francis Rew DATE OF BIRTH: September 9, 1955 MARITAL STATUS: Married, with four children NATIONALITY: Kenyan RELIGION: Christian LANGUAGES: Dholuo, Swahili and English POSTAL ADDRESS Prof. Francis Rew Owino Department of Linguistics, Languages & Literature. Maseno University P. O. Box 333 MASENO. Tel.: +254 351 204/008 Fax: +254 573 51221. (Official). OR: P.O. Box 9120, KISUMU (Private). Telephone: +254 722953634(Cell); +254 572027300 (H). Email: 2.EDUCATION BACKGROUND Usenge Primary School: 1964-1971 (C.P.E.) Primary School Certificate; Responsibility: monitor, classes 2 – 4.; school secretary rewriting letters to the school committee and parents for school meetings and timekeeper. Usenge Secondary School: 1972-1975 (K.C.E) Secondary School Certificate; Responsibility: plants supervisor, planting and tending to school plants (forms one to two); Games Captain (forms 3 & 4). Kirimara High School: 1976-1977 (K.A.C.E.). Economics: Principal-Pass Literature in English: Principal-Pass, Geography: Principal-Pass, General Paper: Subsidiary-Pass. Responsibility: School Captain (academic), Chairman Mathira Catholic Youth Club (Community-Divisional), member Catholic Action (Community- Nyeri District). University Education: University of Nairobi: 1978-1981 (B.ED): Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Subjects: English Language/Linguistics, Literature in English & Education. Responsibility: Member YCS; Secretary General, Kenyatta University College Students Association (KUCSA). Kenyatta University: 1985-1987 (M.ED): (i) Language Education (ii) Foundations of Education PROJECT WORK: The Teaching of Reading in English in Primary Schools in Bondo Division, Siaya District, Kenya. The University of the Western Cape, (RSA): 2000-2002 PhD): THESIS: A STUDY OF THE COMPETENCE IN ENGLISH OF THE PRIMARY TEACHER TRAINEES IN KENYA.

 3. WORK EXPERIENCE: 2005 April to Present: Associate Professor in Linguistics the Department of Linguistics, Languages and Literature, Maseno University. 2004 November to April 2005: Associate Professor in Linguistics and Chairman the Department of Linguistics, Languages and Literature, Maseno University. 2003 – Nov. 2004: Associate Professor in Linguistics, Chairman Department of English, Maseno University. 2002 Oct. – Nov. 2004: Chairman Department of English and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. 2000 July – Sept. 2002: Study Leave to complete PhD at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa. Successfully accomplished and returned to Maseno University. 1998 April –2000 July: Senior Lecturer in the Department of English and Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in charge of 90 academic members of staff in fifteen teaching Departments. Assignments accomplished: i) Coordinated the writing and restructuring of BA syllabi for 22 academic programmes. This included the beginning of unique Bachelors programmes hitherto unknown in Public Universities: BA in Communication and Media Technology, BA in African Languages (Luluhya, Ekegusi, Kalenjin & Dholuo), BA in Urban and Regional Planning & BA in Sociology. ii) Organized two International Conferences on languages: a) August 1998 – CHAKITA, Sunset Hotel, Kisumu. b) May 10th-12th 2000 - The First International Conference on African Languages on the Development of African Languages for Education, Technology and Development, Sunset Hotel, Kisumu. (Now available as a text published in Cape Town. See publications below). iii) Coordinated and pioneered the establishment of the Evening/Parallel programmes currently being offered in Kisumu (Maseno City Campus). The initiative has become the bedrock of the penetration of all programmes and activities in Kisumu City. iv) Participated in, and was a Member of and a Rapporteur at several Development Committees of the then emerging University. 1991 – July 2000: Editor, Equator News (later Equator Quarterly), a publication of Maseno University College. 1991- 1998 April: Head, Department of English, Maseno University and Lecturing. Assignments accomplished: i) Recruitment of staff; ii) Writing of BA Syllabus currently in use. iii) Drafted a Business Communication Syllabus for Certificate/Diploma in English Department. iv) Psycholinguistics, Applied Linguistics, Contrastive Study, Language Planning & Policy, Word & Morphology (All M.A Courses. 1990 October-1991 May: Lecturer, Department of English, Maseno University College and Lecturing in the following areas: i. English Word and Morphology ii. Sociolinguistics iii. Language Acquisition iv. Descriptive Grammar v. Language and Linguistics vi. Communication Skills, an Introductory Course to 8-4-4 University entrants. 1990 March-Oct.: Tutorial Fellow, Department of English, Moi University. Assignment: Teaching:- i. English Word and Morphology; ii. Sociolinguistics; iii. Descriptive Grammar. 1988-1990: Asumbi T.T.C.: Head of Languages and Lecturer in English and Teaching Linguistics Components of the College Syllabus, mainly Language Learning. 1987-1988: Asumbi T.T.C. Assistant Lecturer, English and Teaching Linguistics Components of the College Course, mainly Language Learning and Head of Languages. 1985-1987: Study leave for Master in Education, Kenyatta University. 1983-1985: Kamwenja T.T.C. Assistant Lecturer, English Language and Teaching Linguistics Components of the English Course; Other duties: Patron Debating Club and Drama Club; Assistant Head of Languages Department. 1981-1983: Kamwenja T.T.C Tutor, English Language and Teaching Linguistics components of the Syllabus.

 4. UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS & SUPERVISION EXTERNAL EXAMINATION: 2003 May to present: External Examiner for Moi University English and Linguistics programmes. THESIS EXAMINATION: 2003: External Examiner (Moi University) for the following candidates: Jowi James Otieno: Constituent Order Typology of the Dholuo Verb Phrase: A Government Binding Approach, M.A. Waithira Charlene: A Study of the Structure of the Youth Jargons in Nairobi, M.A. 2004 May: ► Konzolo Grace Mmbone: The Effects of Standardization of the Wanga Dialect on Isukha Mother Tongue Learners, MA Thesis. 2005 : ►Violet Chesang: Educational Language Policy as a Case of Language Shift, M-Phil. ►Odhiambo Kenneth Onyango: A Study of the Efficacy of Interpretation in the Magistrate’s Court in Nyando District, M-Phil . ►Jacklinie Konzolo Kerubo: A Linguistic analysis of Mobile Phone Text Messages (Mphil).


INTERNAL EXAMINATION/SUPERVISION (MASENO UNIVERSITY) SUPERVISION: 2002 Oct. – 2004: John Obiero Ogone (MA). 2003 – 2005. Ruth Nyabeki Abaya (MA). 2003 to present: Supervising twelve MA & five PhD students of Linguistics.

INTERNAL EXAMINATION: 2003. Pamela Anyango Oloo (M.A). 2005. Wamalwa Deborah Wanyama (MA). 2005. Magonya A Lillian (MA).

5. KENYA NATIONAL EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL 1983 – 1990: Assistant Chief Examiner KCPE English Composition. 1983 – 1987: Trained Examiner KCSE English Paper 1.

 6. PUBLICATIONS: Owino, F. R.:(2006)The Burden of Establishing African Language Programmes in Universities. A paper presented at AILA Conference in Yaounde, Cameroun on 31st March – 3rd April .Owino F. R. (2005) “The Teaching of English in Kenya: Conflicts Between Theory and Practice”. In Davidson Proceedings of the 10TH TESOL Arabia Conference on ‘Standards in English Language Teaching & Assessment, Vol. 9. Dubai- UAE: Midex Advertising. (p. 23 – 38). Owino, F. R. (2002) “Realistic Revolutionary Strategies in Harmonization and Standardization of African Languages” in Prah, K.K (Ed.) Rehabilitating African Languages: Cape Town, CASAS. Owino, F. R.(2002) “Expansion of Dholuo Vowel System” in Prah, K. K (Ed.): Writing African, Cape Town, CASAS. Owino, F. R. (2002) (Ed.) Speaking African: The evelopment of African Languages for Education and Technology. Cape Town, Casas. Owino, F. R. (2002) “Conquering the Conqueror: The Empowerment of African Languages Casts a Shadow over English in Africa.” In Perspectives in Education, Vol. 20, No. 1; Pretoria: University of Pretoria, South Africa. (p. 197 – 212). Owino, F. R. (2001) A Review of Mazrui, Ali & Mazrui, Alamin (1998) The Power of Babel: Language and Governance in Africa. London: James Currey. In Isaacs, H. (ed.) The Journal of Third World Studies, Fall, VXIII No. 2. Owino, F. R. (2000) Language Policy in Post-Colonial Africa: A Case for an Indigenous Medium of Instruction in Primary Education in Kenya. In the Pan African Colloquium of Educational Innovation in Post-Colonial Africa: Selected Papers. University of Cape Town: PRAESA. Owino, F. R. (2000): Recreating Ourselves through Language, Culture and Education. In Okoth, P. G. (ed.) Africa at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century. Nairobi: University of Nairobi. Owino, F. R. (1999) Basic Data on African Languages in Kenya. Cape Town, CASAS. Owino, F. R. (1998) Ambivalent Adventure: Indigenization of Literacy Programmes in Africa. Occasional Paper No. 5 Cape Town: CASAS. Also appearing in Comparative Perspectives on Language Education and Literacy, the Proceedings of the 10th World Congress of Comparative Education Societies on “Education, Equity and Transformation.” Dakar: UNESCO-BREDA. Owino, F. R. (1998) Book Review: Obondo, M.A. (1996): From Trilinguals to Bilinguals? A Study of the Social and Linguistic Consequences of Language Shift on a group of Urban Luo Children in Kenya. Centre for Research on Bilinguals, Stockholm, Sweden. In the Journal of Third World Studies.

7. FORTHCOMING PUBLICATIONS: i) A Review of Makoni, S. & Kamangamalu (eds) (2000) Language and Institutions in Africa. Cape Town: CASAS. ii)“Autocracy and Language Policy Outcomes in Africa” A paper presented at the 21st World Federation Congress of Modern Languages Associations, Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa. (2003 July 2nd – 5th). iii) “Objectives, Realities and Outcomes”. A paper prepared for the 39th IATEFL Conference, Cardiff, Britain, 5th – 9th April 2005. iv)“Flogging a Dead Horse? The Burden of Establishing African Language Programmes in Universities. A paper presented at AILA Conference in Yaounde, Cameroun on 31st March – 3rd April 2005. v) “Conflictual Issues: a Critique of Language Management in South Africa”. A paper presented at a Language and Literature Workshop held in Moi University, Eldoret, on June 2nd & 3rd 2005. vi) In Progress: “Mother Tongue Education in Kenya: Half-Hearted Policy in an Unplanned Practice”. To be published as an Occasional Paper in University of Cape Town, PRAESA. vii) “Linguistic Diversity in East Africa” in a BAAL-LiA publication being a keynote address at a conference in University of London on 4th-5th March, 2006.

 8. CONFERENCE PAPERS: 1997 September: Language, Culture, Education and Development Nexus: Way Forward for Africa. A paper prepared for the Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Association of Third World Studies, Central Connecticut State University, Hartford, October 9th-11th. 1997 August: Research Forum for the Promotion of Indigenous Languages in Africa (FOPILA). A joint project proposal with Lydia Nyati - Ramahobo of University of Botswana. 1997 April: Literacy and sustainable Rural Women’s Participation in Development in the Lake Victoria Region, Kenya. A proposal for funding sent to the Netherlands Embassy through CSOLVE, Maseno University College. 1996 June: Practical Difficulties of Instruction in A Mother-Tongue Medium. The Case of Dholuo in Nyanza. Presented at an International Seminar on Language in Education, The University of Cape Town, South Africa. 1995 August: “Literacy, Censorious Culture and the Withering Disciplines.” A paper presented at the Historical Association of Kenya Seminar on the “The Future of Humanities and Social Sciences in Africa,” Egerton University. 1995 March: “The Road to Africa’s “Rediscovery” and Development.” A paper presented at the Historical Association of Kenya Symposium on Post-Cold War Era and the Future of Scholarship in Africa, Hotel Royale, Kisumu. 1994: “The Centre for African Languages” a proposal. The University has so far started a department of African Languages following the idea expressed in the proposal. 1994: “Language, Education, Technology and Development: Way Forward for Africa.” A proposal for Collaborative research presented to Language Education Group, University of Cape Town. 1994: Gender Awareness: An Alternative Approach. A position paper on Gender Awareness for Sustainable Women’s Participation in Development in the Lake Region, Kenya. 1993 October: “Gender Debate at the Cross-roads.” Appeared in The Standard, Saturday, February 19, 1994 p. II. 1991 Dec: English as a Second Language in Kenya. Towards a Chapter in a book on Nationalism and Development in Kenya proposed for new entrants at Kenyan Universities. 1991 Nov.: Two Reviews for Maseno Journal of Education, Arts and Science on: i. “Language Policy in Kenya: Debating on What is to be Taught.” ii. “Factors Related to Achievement in Written English Composition Among Secondary School Students: A Commentary.” 1991 Feb.: The Falling Standards of English Language in Kenyan Schools: Myth or Reality? A paper presented at the British Council/Ministry of Education Conference on “The Role of English and Literature in the School Curriculum” in Nairobi, February 1991. Now available in Conference Proceedings, British Council, Nairobi. 1990 August: Role of English Language in Science Instruction: A Response to the Congress of Science, July, 1990. The centrality of the medium of instruction across the curriculum addressed. 1989: English Language Teaching Materials for Primary School Teachers: A Critique presented to inspectorate, Nairobi. The mismatch between textbook language syllabi requirements addressed. Deviation from known instructional practices identified as well.

9. COMMUNITY SERVICE & OUTREACH 2003: ► Guest of Honour, Raliew Secondary School: Book Donation & Prize Giving Day. ►Chief Guest, Usigu Division, Prize Giving Day, Donated Trophies. ►Bondo District Education Day, Speaker, Bondo TTC. ►Guest of Honour, Kisumu District Music & Verse Speaking Festival, D.H.T Hall, Kisumu. 2004: ►Chief Guest, Arch Bishop Okoth, Miranga, Book Donation and Prize Giving Day. ►Bondo District Education Day, Donated a Trophy. 2005: ►Chief Guest and Speaker at the Launch of Bondo District MOCK Marking, Lwak Girls High School. ►Guest of Honour and Keynote Speaker at Siaya District MOCK Release, Ng’iya Girls High School. ►Guest of Honour and officiating at Prize Giving Day at St. Peters’s Rambula, Ugunja. ►Facilitator at an East African Teacher Development Groups, Switel Hotel, Bondo, on 16th – 19th March. Themes: i. “Problems that inhibit the Teaching of L2 Reading in the Classroom and Possible Solutions”; ii. “Pedagogy of Reading in L2 Classrooms”. ►Facilitator at an East African Teacher Development Groups, Switel Hotel, Bondo, on 29th – 1st October. Theme: “Teaching of Pronunciation in Language Two Classroom”. ► Guest of Honour at a Funds Drive at Wiobiero Secondary School, Homa Bay District. Chairman, Bondo District Prevention of Child Labour.10. MEMBERSHIP TO PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: 1. A member of Language Education in Africa Project (LEAP). 2. A sponsored member of the Association of Third World Scholars (ATWS). 3. Research Associate, Centre for the Advanced Study of African Society (CASAS). 4. A member of the Historical Association of Kenya. 5. A member of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Arabia Chapter. 6. A member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) (SIG). 7. A member of the International Association of Applied Linguists (AILA). 8. A member of Association of Language in Africa, a joint venture with the Association of British Applied Linguistics. 11. REFEREES: PROFESSOR FELIX BANDA UNIVERSITY OF THE WESTERN CAPE, PRIVATE BAG X17, BELVILLE 7535 E-mail: Tel.: SOUTH AFRICA., PROFESSOR LYDIA NYATI-RAMAHOBO PRIVATE BAG 0022 GABARONE E-Mail: BOTSWANA. PROFESSOR WILLIAM R. OCHIENG’ CHAIRMAN HISTORY AND ARCHEOLOGY MASENO UNIVERSITY P. O. BOX 333 MASENO, KENYA.

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"I have played my part; please pray to God that you may play yours!"
Adopted from St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226).