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Publications by Professor Francis Rew Owino:


Owino F. R. (2005) The Teaching of English in Kenya: Conflicts Between Theory and Practice. In Davidson Proceedingsof the 10 TH TESOL Arabia Conference on Standards in English Language Teaching & Assessment, Vol. 9. Dubai - UAE: Midex Advertising. (p. 23 to 38).


Owino, F. R. (2002) Realistic Revolutionary Strategies in Harmonization and Standardization of African Languages in Prah, K.K (Ed.) Rehabilitating African Languages : Cape Town, CASAS.


Owino F. R. (2002) Expansion of Dholuo Vowel System” in Prah, K.K. (Ed.): Writing African, Cape Town, CASAS.

Owino F. R. (2002) (Ed.) Speaking African: The Development of African Languages for Education and Technology. Cape Town, Casas.

Owino F. R . ( 2002) “Conquering the Conqueror: The Empowerment of African Languages Casts a Shadow over English in Africa.” In Perspectives in Education, Vol. 20, No. 1; Pretoria: University of Pretoria, South Africa. (p. 197 – 212).

Owino F. R. (2001) A Review of Mazrui, Ali & Mazrui, Alamin (1998) The Power of Babel: Language and Governance in Africa. London: James Currey. In Isaacs, H. (ed.) The Journal of Third World Studies , Fall, VXIII No. 2.

Owino F. R. (2000) Language Policy in Post-Colonial Africa: A Case for an Indigenous Medium of Instruction in Primary Education in Kenya. In the Pan African Colloquium of Educational Innovation in Post-Colonial Africa: Selected Papers . University of Cape Town: PRAESA.

Owino F. R . (2000): Recreating Ourselves through Language, Culture and Education. In Okoth, P. G. (ed.) Africa at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century . Nairobi: University of Nairobi.

Owino F. R. (1999) Basic Data on African Languages in Kenya. Cape Town, CASAS.

Owino F. R. (1998) Ambivalent Adventure: Indigenization of Literacy Programmes in Africa. Occasional Paper No. 5 Cape Town: CASAS. Also appearing in Comparative Perspectives on Language Education and Literacy, the Proceedings of the 10 th World Congress of Comparative Education Societies on Education, Equity and Transformation. Dakar: UNESCO-BREDA.

Owino F. R. (1998) Book Review: Obondo, M.A. (1996): From Trilinguals to Bilinguals? A Study of the Social and Linguistic Consequences of Language Shift on a group of Urban Luo Children in Kenya. Centre for Research on Bilinguals, Stockholm, Sweden. In the Journal of Third World Studies .


Flogging a Dead Horse? The Burden of Establishing African Language Programmes in Universities. A paper presented at AILA Conference in Yaounde, Cameroun on 31 st March



1997 September: Language, Culture, Education and Development Nexus: Way Forward for Africa. A paper prepared for the Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Association of Third World Studies, Central Connecticut State University, Hartford, October 9 th -11 th .

1997 August: Research Forum for the Promotion of Indigenous Languages in Africa (FOPILA). A joint project proposal with Lydia Nyati - Ramahobo of University of Botswana.

1997 April: Literacy and sustainable Rural Women's Participation in Development in the Lake Victoria Region, Kenya. A proposal for funding sent to the Netherlands Embassy through CSOLVE, Maseno University College.

1996 June: Practical Difficulties of Instruction in A Mother-Tongue Medium. The Case of Dholuo in Nyanza. Presented at an International Seminar on Language in Education, The University of Cape Town, South Africa.

1995 August: “Literacy, Censorious Culture and the Withering Disciplines.” A paper presented at the Historical Association of Kenya Seminar on the “The Future of Humanities and Social Sciences in Africa,” Egerton University.

1995 March: “The Road to Africa's “Rediscovery” and Development.” A paper presented at the Historical Association of Kenya Symposium on Post-Cold War Era and the Future of Scholarship in Africa, Hotel Royale, Kisumu.

1994 : “The Centre for African Languages” a proposal. The University has so far started a department of African Languages following the idea expressed in the proposal.

1994 : “Language, Education, Technology and Development: Way Forward for Africa.” A proposal for Collaborative research presented to Language Education Group, University of Cape Town.

1994 : Gender Awareness: An Alternative Approach. A position paper on Gender Awareness for Sustainable Women's Participation in Development in the Lake Region, Kenya.

1993 October: “Gender Debate at the Cross-roads.” Appeared in The Standard , Saturday, February 19, 1994 p. II.

1991 Dec: English as a Second Language in Kenya. Towards a Chapter in a book on Nationalism and Development in Kenya proposed for new entrants at Kenyan Universities.

1991 Nov.: Two Reviews for Maseno Journal of Education, Arts and Science on:

• “Language Policy in Kenya: Debating on What is to be Taught.”

• “Factors Related to Achievement in Written English Composition Among Secondary School Students: A Commentary.”

1991 Feb.: The Falling Standards of English Language in Kenyan Schools: Myth or Reality? A paper presented at the British Council/Ministry of Education Conference on “The Role of English and Literature in the School Curriculum” in Nairobi, February, 1991. Now available in Conference Proceedings, British Council, Nairobi.

1990 August: Role of English Language in Science Instruction: A Response to the Congress of Science, July, 1990. The centrality of the medium of instruction across the curriculum addressed.

1989 : English Language Teaching Materials for Primary School Teachers: A Critique presented to inspectorate, Nairobi. The mismatch between textbook language syllabi requirements addressed. Deviation from known instructional practices identified as well.


"I have played my part; please pray to God that you may play yours!"
Adopted from St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226).